Sunday, May 20, 2012

Return of the Lily Beetle

Red Lily Beetle, Liloceris lilii
A little later than last year, but the Red Lily Beetle (Liloceris lilii) has made an unwelcome return to the suburban garden in Cork city. Their vibrant red colour makes these beetles easy to see and therefore easy to pick off any lily (or fritillary) plants, but failure to control them will result in decimation of any host plants in a garden. So far, 6 individuals have been seen, far less than the near-infestation last year.


  1. Is this species native or exotic?

  2. It is exotic, only in Ireland in the last ten years or so. It feeds only on lilies, and there are no native examples of these in Ireland so it is confined to gardens and therefore a particularly urban species in Ireland. Its origins are in China. It is a pity its such a pest of lilies as it is a very pretty beetle.