Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fossils in Fountainstown

A guest post by Ken.

So we went to Fountainstown today to visit the beach. The search was specifically for fossils and interesting rocks. Got there around 10.30am and spent quite awhile there. First off we found a rock containing quite a few periwinkle type-fossils. I was fascinated and soon was on my way to looking for my own.

About half an hour later after cracking 10s of rocks and getting a lesson in geology along the way I found my first ever fossil (see below). I thought at first is was an ammonite. Looking now it is more than likely from the Gastropoda or Nautiloid classes.

I went frantically looking for others and we both found a good few more. It wasn't until returning to Carrigaline that we noticed how good they were. The second fossil showed a type of shell (below); possibly a Brachiopod or a bivalve.
My last find was a nice one even if a bit small. This was definitely from the Gastropod class (below).
So there you go. A great morning spent on the beach in Fountainstown and then on to the hotel for lunch.